The charm of Peace Bedugul Bali

The charm of Peace Bedugul Bali - For guys indigenous Indonesian and may even have been phenomenal for the foreign community that Bali has many beautiful sights, the island is visited by many tourists either from indigenous as well as from abroad to enjoy the entertainment in the island Dewata Bali.

The charm of peace Bedugul Bali As often we hear and we already know that the natural attractions that exist in Bali is very famous at all and become an icon that can always be proud in Bali even so his famous this place to foreign countries, then almost all over the country all parts of the world would know.

The charm of Peace Bedugul Bali

Bali island resort is a lot of travel presents a variety of natural beauty which can be quite captivate and pity for us to skip and ignore. Call it for example Tanah Lot, is also famous for a sunset view of her so very amazing. Then there is also Tanjung Benoa travel, there is a paradise for lovers of water sports, such as banana boat, speed boat, flying fish, diving or snorkeling, and there are many more there. Read also: The beauty of the beach Jolosutro Blitar

And not only that there is also a fairly famous Uluwatu on the beauty and charm that can make many people amazed. But in fact, on the island of Bali also you can find places of nature with a variety of other atmosphere, the atmosphere of the beauty of the mountains and the lake is also quite beautiful freshly. that is Bedugul, places on the plateau is always covered by a lot of fog and the weather is cool and airy. Bedugul Bali travel 70 km to be exact or approximate about 2.5 hours drive from Ngurah Rai airport.

Well for those of you who are curious, what is in Bedugul? One of them is Lake Beratan. This lake has a pretty cool atmosphere and the air is also very beautiful sunny at all for you to enjoy during daytime heat with family or relatives. There you can rent a boat or canoe if you want to get around and enjoy the natural beauty that was there. Additionally, you can also water sports are available there. If you are really tired and hungry, you do not need to worry, because there is also a restaurant ready for your holiday atmosphere means of support.

In addition, right on the edge of Lake Beratan, there is also a tourist attraction that is very beautiful. Is that? it is Ulun Danu, in this temple stands as a place for them Hindus conducting their rituals. There are four temple in Ulun Danu, namely Penataran Pucak Mangu, Pura Lingga Petak, Pura Dalem Purwa and Pura Terate Bang, which is used for the benefit of the holy adore greatness of God and also all its manifestations is a god Tri Murti, for their begging all the good things in life such as begging the grace of fertility, human welfare and the preservation of the universe, and prosperity. Bali Bedugul peaceful charm with all the beauty and all the attractions that dipunyainya guaranteed not to make you feel bored there, it actually will add to the fun family vacation or relatives after feel and enjoy the beaches or all the existing attractions in Bali

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