Fascination beauty of Tanah Lot

Fascination beauty of Tanah Lot - In this post we will still be discussing the island resort of Bali, because it really is a lot of tourist spots in Bali and invited a special attraction for lovers of travel whether it be from domestic atupun abroad. Bali is a selection of tourist attractions which is very much in demand by tourists who come from within the country, even tourists from abroad and the couple who were enjoying a honeymoon. Bali resort island does have a very religious atmosphere at all. Scented fragrant flowers and incense into the atmosphere in the area every corner of the island of Bali. With so many friendly people, will always be warmly welcomed your arrival. As ever we know there are quite attractive tourist spot is Tanah Lot, Tanah Lot appeal beauty indeed is the place that most often visited on the island of Bali. Where the appeal beauty of Tanah Lot taken its name from Tanah Lot, Pura Sad Kayangan is located in Tabanan, Denpasar area estimates that of approximately 45 Km. Well, this temple is very unique, why? because the temple was built on a rock which is very big and has a variety of its own beauty, one of the beauty is that you can see a panoramic sunset or sunset, because it is indeed indented coast. Obviously this will look very romantic is not it ?

Tanah Lot is a temple of the sea is also used as a place for worship of the gods guard the sea. Here there are two temples are located on top of a large rock. Which one is actually located on top of the boulder and the other is located right above the cliffs similar to Uluwatu Temple. Even at a fairly sunny day, you can see there Uluwatu from here. And on the north part of Pura Tanah Lot also there is a temple that is located just above the cliff that forms jutting into the sea. This cliff connects the temple with land shaped like an arched bridge. If you go down to the beach and located between Tanah Lot at the cliff, then at a certain time of the month you will be able to watch the most beautiful sunset. Sights ball inflamed red sun will be exactly fits in the hole of the cliff. As there are tired eyes to see the world. Unfortunately, if this scene only during certain months only ie at sunset leaning to the north. So unfortunately I can not at any time you can watch the sunset appeal beautifully very remarkable from the top Tanah Lot. You there are not only interested because of their attractiveness beauty of Tanah Lot, but also can see a sea snake that people believe that as guardians of the temple at Tanah Lot.

The place to stay in the area of ​​Tanah Lot
You do not need to worry, because there are few alternatives to problems venue in the area of ​​Tanah Lot. The alternatives include the Le Meridien Golf and Spa resort, which also consists of a suite and villa or you can also choose Dewi Sinta Restaurant and Villa. Besides a large selection of other villas are Sacred River Retreat. On the island of Bali is arguably the island that all the corners are very easy to reach. All restaurants of International national scale until everything is there on the island. All foods that are typical of Bali such as satay, chicken glutton, duck betutu, sticky pumpkin, and bubuh Injin also all you can enjoy delicious on the island. And from the position of the car park you go to the temple area, you will also find a lot of art shop that will offer a wide variety of all crafts are sure you can make for a memento in your home later. As well as there are still a lot of food stalls and taverns.

The appeal of the beauty of Tanah Lot and very beautiful scenery and unforgettable that can be met only at Tanah Lot. With the appeal of the beauty of Tanah Lot in the form of loose sea views, there are rows of white foam of the surf, the wind, and the brunt of the waves were wonderful, and the corals that make the atmosphere attractiveness beauty of Tanah Lot more beautiful to be immortalized.

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